Our ACE Capital Group “California Land Banking” Solution!

ACE Capital Group premium California Land Banking offers the solution to a host of life’s major financial challenges. Our proven ACE Capital California Land Banking strategy is designed to provide our customers with “Money for Life” by ensuring abundant financial resources for all of the major contingencies in our lives.

Click on our video link above to view a brief introduction to the ACE Capital Group “California Land Banking” Solution and learn how you can participate in this powerful, life-changing investment paradigm.

  • Retirement

    ACE Capital Group Land Banking delivers the best solution for languishing retirement accounts and underperforming assets by rolling over or transferring those funds into a self-directed IRA where your Land Banking purchase is held while substantial tax-deferred profit accrues. (Read more…)

  • College Funds

    ACE Capital Group Land Banking provides one of the most powerful means to build strong and comprehensive college funds for your children or grandchildren… especially with college fees reaching astronomical proportions at nearly all institutions of higher education. (Read more…)

  • Home & Family

    ACE Capital Group Land Banking offers an excellent source of future funds for the ongoing expense of owning, renting, or leasing and maintaining a home… and providing for you and your family in the manner you desire. (Read more…)

  • Wealth Protection

    ACE Capital Group Land Banking is a proven strategy toward not only building significant wealth, but also protecting that wealth from loss. In an age when corporate bankruptcies are increasing and stock holdings collapse, Land Banking provides a safe haven for your valuable finances. (Read more…)

In the Press

Recent News surrounding our premium California Land Banking!

  • Warren Buffett invests heavily in California’s Antelope Valley!

    Warren Buffett has embraced Land Banking in the Antelope Valley by investing $2.5 billion in over 3,230 acres of premium pre-developed land in order to build the world’s largest solar photovoltaic power plant. Mr. Buffett has invested over $2.5 billion in the development of this massive alternative energy plant just outside of Rosamond north of Lancaster in the heart of the Antelope Valley, and when completed, it will power over 1,000,000 homes!

  • California High-Speed Rail is on its way to the Antelope Valley!

    California High Speed Rail begins construction on the first leg of the CHSR project between the cities of Madera and Bakersfield this year, with the next leg of service extending between Bakersfield and downtown Los Angeles (with a station hub in the city of Palmdale), scheduled for completion by the year 2022. The CHSR system will provide a safe and smooth 25 minute commute between Los Angeles and the heart of the Antelope Valley, bringing with it a massive influx of new home buyers looking for quality affordable housing in and around the rapidly growing cities of Palmdale and Lancaster.

  • New Home Construction & Housing Values on the rise in the Antelope Valley!

    According to the California Board of Realtors, the cities of Palmdale and Lancaster are experiencing record growth in new home construction with a corresponding rise in property values throughout the Antelope Valley.

What Our Customers Are Saying!

  • Living a Better Retirement!

    "We turned $90,000 into $1,125,000 in just over ten years. That's an increase of over 12½ times per year on our original investment. As you can see, we are indeed living a better retirement."– Robert Simmons

    (While results may vary significantly and this return is not necessarily typical, this equals an average 28% annual ROI!)

  • Many thanks to ACE Capital!

    "Thanks to ACE Capital agents for providing us the 'Rollover IRA into Real Estate Solution'. We have purchased multiple properties from ACE Capital Group." – Ed Shen & Pu Yang

  • ACE Has A System That Definitely Works!

    "I invested about $25,000 from my IRA through ACE Capital. In five years' time (it seems like yesterday), my 25K became 100K! I'm definitely going to reinvest with ACE Capital. ACE has a system that definitely works."– Freeman Chee

    (While results may vary significantly and this return is not necessarily typical, this equals an average 32% annual ROI!)